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Pages Master Class

by Ralf Herrmann

Unleash the power of Pages now!

Take your community to the next level by leveraging the power of the Pages app. This 90-minute video course is a complete walkthrough, teaching you all parts of the Pages app with added tips and tricks based on my extensive experience with the app.

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Included Lessons

Introduction to Pages

What is Pages and how does it compare to other Content Management Systems like WordPress? You can watch this lesson for free if you register.

Setting up Pages

Adding “Inline” Pages blocks: WYSIWYG Editor, Page Builder Text, Page Builder Media Embed, Page Builder Upload Images. Working with folders.

Working with custom blocks

Pages blocks created in the ACP provide additional benefits over blocks created on the front-end. This lesson explains the details and the workflow to create, use and customize the ACP blocks.

Working with Pages databases

Unleash the power of Pages with custom Pages databases tailored to your niche. This lesson describes all features and settings of Pages databases.

A database from start to finish

There is no better way to learn about Pages databases than to follow the setup of a database in a real-world scenario. This is what we do in this lesson.

Templates and Media Manager

The layout options for Pages blocks and databases are currently pretty limited. But with the Pages template system, 3rd-party templates can easily be installed and customized. This is what will be discussed in this last lesson.

Bonus Content

Exclusive Articles for enrolled students

Based on my 20+ years of experience with running online communities, I am happy to write additional articles for my subscribers. Currently accessible articles:

  • 10 proven strategies to improve your community menu
  • Avoid conflicts with proper terms of service
  • Creating exclusive articles with Pages databases

More exclusive articles might be released during your subscription period, in which case, you will get instant access to these articles as well.

Plugin: Pages SuperAccordion Pro

A plugin with a value of $20 to turn a Pages record feed block or Pages database listing view in a beautiful accordion, so individual Pages records can be opened without actually loading the record view.

Your Pages questioned answered

You still have questions about Pages after finishing this online course? No problem! With your subscripton, you get access to our discussion forum, where you can ask questions related to the course.

Who is it for?

  • Have you tried out Pages and struggled to understand it?
  • Do you use WordPress along with Invision Community and consider switching to Pages?
  • Do you run a community centered around the forums app and want to explore what would be possible with Pages?

In any case—I got you covered.

Oh, and hi!
My name is Ralf Herrmann and I work as professional graphic and web designer since 1999. I run three online communities using the Invision Community and I work extensively with Pages. I also offer templates for the Pages app and have helped dozens of customers to customize Pages for their needs.

This course is for people who are just starting out with the Pages app or think they don’t use all parts of the app in the best way possible.

The course covers the normal usage of the app as required by most users, like creating pages, adding stock/custom blocks, working with databases, adding third-party templates.

It does NOT go into details about expert features that would require any kind of coding skills (e.g. creating custom templates), but I will mention all the places where expert customizations are possible in the Pages app.

Hear what others say about my products and services

“I thought the course was awesome, I read every single word and used all of the advice.”


“I really enjoyed the course, I understand the potential of pages now.”


“That man knows his pages app.”

Marc, IPS Staff

“I have learned so much from you Ralf and I appreciate all the hard work you put into your amazing creations. You are truly a guiding light, a source of inspiration and the kind of creator the rest of us strive to become.”

Jimi, IPS client

“THE mastermind of Pages! He is dedicated to his customers and the determination to see a job through till the end is A-1!!!”

Fierce God, IPS Client

“Very professional, communicates well, and easy to deal with. Would recommend to anyone.”

Kent, IPS Client

“I have been extremely pleased with the level of service and expertise provided by opentype.”

gmg1167, IPS Client

“This guy knows his stuff. I really enjoy his expertise because I have a serious website and I don't have time for folks to experiment and learn on the job. I needed professional work and Opentype delivered.”

SJ77, IPS Client

Why you should take this course

Jumpstart your use of Pages!

Trying to figure out the Pages app just by ‘trial and error’ can takes weeks or months. This compact video course is based on my extensive use of the Pages app over a course of 9+ years. So this course delivers a tremendous value, that is not available anywhere else.

Personal tips and tricks

Software manuals tell you what a feature does, but they usually lack advise about workflows, best practices and about which settings to prefer over others. This course is full personal tips and tricks and I will tell you what works and what doesn’t – as an indendent expert who has no obligations to Invision Power Services.

It’s a video course!

IPS has a useful Guide section with articles, but following the explainations without seeing the functionalities in action can be a rather slow and frustrating experience. Not to mention that those articles are far from being complete. With this video course, I am like your personal coach, walking you step by step through all parts of the Pages app.

Carefully crafted, professionally produced

This course is not a lazy screenscast where I just start recording and talk about what comes to mind. I worked several weeks on this course. It is carefully planned, structured and scripted, so the lessons are complete, follow a logical structure and are easy to follow.

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