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  • The Basics

    Pages SuperAccordion is block template for the Pages app. It allows you to show content from a Pages database in a clear way and without the need for users to go through the various database views (category view, listing view, record view). Instead, all titles are shown and users just click on the title to show the record content text. A common usage would be a FAQ section, but it can work for many other situations as well. 

    You can download the template as a plugin from this page after you have created an account on this website. 

    In order to use this free product, your installation of the Invision Community Suite needs the Pages app and you need to be able to upload custom plugins in the plugin section of the ACP. (Unfortunately, IPS’ Starter package for cloud customers doesn’t allow custom plugins.)

    The plugin should work on Invision Community 4.6 and higher. No support for older/outdated releases. 

    To access the download of SuperAccordion Free you only need to choose a “display name” and enter your email address. Note that registrations are monitored and only real email addresses are allowed. Registration attempts with temporary email addresses will be blocked. 

  • How to install SuperAccordion Free

    1. Login in and download the plugin as XML file from this page
    2. Open your ACP and go to the Plugins section
    3. Install the plugin using the manual installation mode
    4. Create a Pages database and put it on a page
    5. Create records in the database using the stock fields “title” and “content”
    6. Create a Pages block with the type “feed block” and choose the database which you created in step 4.
    7. While setting up the block, choose “SuperAccordion_free” as template for the block.
    8. Open the block manager on the front end and drag the “Custom Block” from the Pages section onto the page. Select the block you created under step 6. 

    SuperAccordion Pro should be working now. 

    Yes, you can add as many SuperAccordion blocks to a page as you like. The template works both in the main column and in the sidebar. 

    A simple way to create multiple FAQ sections is to use database categories. So, all records are stored in one database, but you create separate blocks, which only show records from certain categories. That’s how this page here was created. 

    Pages SuperAccordion Free doesn’t come with any settings. The colors are inherited from the active theme. 

    Since the database is only used for storing the FAQ entries, you can probably hide it from view. To do that, simply remove the access permission for the page the database is placed on. You might want to only keep the access for your admin group. 

    Then in the block settings, make sure “Honor Permissions” is turned off. Otherwise your visitors or members wouldn’t be able to see the FAQ blocks. 

    You can install this plugin on all websites you own or which you are directly in charge of. 

    You cannot pass this template on to others though. Everyone who wants to use it, needs to register here on the website. 

    The ordering is set up in the block settings. You can choose an ordering field and whether the order should be ascending or descending. There is no drag-and-drop ordering for Pages records. 

    If the default ordering options aren’t sufficient, you might need to create ordering options yourself. For example, on this page, the ordering field is the title and all titles start with a number. You could also create a hidden ordering field as custom field which would do the same. 

  • SuperAccordion Pro

    SuperAccordion Pro is an extended version of SuperAccordion Free. At this time, it it exclusively available as part of the subscription to the OPENTYPE.SPACE Academy

    Improved functionalities are:

    • Support for the Record Image
    • Support for inline custom fields (for example badges), which are set up as listing fields
    • Optional “simplified mode”, which hides the block title and the padding around the FAQ entries.

    The block you are currently looking at is using SuperAccordion Pro. 

    This is a badge: 1984 Another badge: Something else

    You need to become a subscriber of the OPENTYPE.SPACE Academy for at least one year. After your payment for one year, you can use SuperAccordion Pro forever. You don’t need to stay a subscriber to keep using it. 

    However, if you pay for the subscription and then ask for a refund, your right to use SuperAccordion Pro will also be revoked. 

    This is a badge: Badge one Another badge: Badge two

    Yes, it is possible, but not recommended. If you upgrade to the Pro version, it is suggested to remove the free version. 

    This is a badge: Badge content Another badge: another one
  • Pages SuperAccordion Free

    A free FAQ template for registered users of OPENTYPE.SPACE
  • Register to Download

    If you register now, you can instantly download this Pages block template as plugin.


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