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    I can help will all sorts of visual customizations of your Invision Community installation, especially in regards to the Pages app. Typical jobs include:

    • Setting up custom landing/home pages
    • Setting up Pages databases and creating custom templates for them
    • Improving the overall look of a community (colors, fonts, images)

    If you are interested in talking about a custom job, please contact me through a personal message on the IPS community website. 

    My hourly rate is US $50 (with a three hour minimum to start custom jobs) and since every customization job is unique, I usually don’t work for a fixed price. If at all, I can only give a rough estimate of the costs. While I work on the project, I report how much time I spent so far, so you always know the costs and can ask me to stop or continue working.

    I also make it a requirement that we understand each other perfectly well, so you should be fluent in either English or German. I prefer clear, precise and detailed written communication. I am not available for phone or video calls.

    The work is usually done directly from the ACP of your live or developer installation. For that I need full admin access to the respetive areas (Pages, Theme et cetera). At the end of a custom job I will write a proper invoice and need a full address of you or your company for that.  That’s all fine with you? Then feel free to get in touch. 

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