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My Products and the removal of the IPS Marketplace

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As you might have heard, IPS is shutting down its Marketplace. What does that mean if you bought any of my products in the past?

Products for Invision Community 4.x

All my products for Invision Community 4.x are expected to remain functional throughout the entire 4.x life cycle. IPS will only release minor updates for 4.x from now on and I don’t think there will be any breaking changes that require updates for my products. For that reason, there is also no need to manually move over all purchases from the IPS Marketplace to this website. 

However, I strongly suggest that you make use of the Marketplace as long as it exists!

  • If any of my products are shown to have updates available, update them now before the Marketplace shuts down.
  • If you bought any of my products, but they are currently not installed, install them again so they remain accessible to you even after the Marketplace shutdown.

If you plan to stay on 4.x for a while, check out my new SuperBundle of all my 4.x products. 

Products for Invision Community 5.x

It’s impossible to say at this point what will happen with my products and Invision Community 5.x. I will first have to see and test the alpha versions of the product to know anything for certain. 

However, all of my products are plugins and many of them use theme template edits. As far as I understand it, both of these functionalities are going away with Invision Community 5. Therefore there is a good chance that those products will not be updated for Invision Community 5. 

I am most interested in bringing my “Pages database template” products over to Invision Community 5, but again, it’s impossible to say at this point if that is possible or needed anymore, as IPS has also announced overhauling Pages. I will update this topic as soon as I know more. 



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On 9/19/2023 at 7:36 AM, ZenTec said:

Can't we just buy the addons with you ? Why only at IC-Marketplace ?

I cannot offer cheap products separately because of taxation and bookkeeping requirements in my country.  
As a compromise, I created a bundle of all my products (linked above). That’s the only option at the moment. 

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1 hour ago, Webmaster Scriptarium said:


How will the updates work for registered customers like me?

As said in the first post, I don’t expect there will be a need for any updates anymore in the 4.x product line. 
If something would come up, I would probably deliver it via private message. 

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It was mentioned already in the first post, but since I still get a lot of questions about this, let me clarify it again:

There is no option to move over purchases from the IPS Marketplace to this website and I do not plan to create such an option.

A few developers moved their applications from the IPS Marketplace to their own website and installed an import script, so that Marketplace customers maintain access to updates on the developer’s website. While this is a nice option, it is not something all developers must do or will do. I decided against it and there are several reasons for it. 

  1. I do not expect that any of my products will need updates in the 4.x product line. IPS is not developing the 4.x product line further and there will only be minor updates in the future. My template & theme products will likely continue to work as long as 4.x is available and supported. Adding all my ~30 products to the Downloads system here would be a lot of work for nothing, if no update is ever needed. I will of course still provide full support if there are issues with any resource. This is handled manually through the forums or private messages. 
  2. I never intended to sell my products directly. This is because of the taxation and bookkeeping requirements in my country. In addition, with 5.x around the corner, sales for 4.x products are winding down. That’s why moving the products to my own store is not an option for me. It’s just not worth the effort. 
  3. 5.x would be a new start. I do not yet know what will happen to my products with Invision Community 5. Some of my products will probably be impossible with 5.x. The Pages templates products, if continued, will probably be needed to be recreated again from scratch to work with the new CSS/HTML/JS framework. That means there couldn’t be free upgrades anyway. If I would continue to offer products, it would be a fresh start either here or on some other marketplace I might choose to sell my future resources. Having a 4.x purchase on file here wouldn’t make a difference and therefore an import of your purchases is not necessary or useful.  

Long story short: No action is currently required on your part regarding my products on your community websites. Just keep them installed and you can keep using them as long as you are on Invision Community 4.x. 

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