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    • Pages block template

    Pages SuperList is a Pages block template to show content in a beautiful, engaging and of course responsive column view. The data for SuperList blocks comes from Pages databases you set up just for this purpose as a source. This gives you great flexibility, since you can use the full range of Pages database fields ☞ Text, URLs, badges, YouTube videos, images, … you name it! Use SuperList to show your membergroup benefits, your team members, your sponsors … or any other content you want to highlight in a widget and that can be stored in a Pages database. As with most widgets, it works best for showing a few items, e.g. between 3 and 10. 

    If there are up to 4 entries, SuperList will display them as columns covering the available space across the entire page or the main column (if there is a sidebar). For more than 4 entries, SuperList will switch to the IPS4 carousel view. Featured entries will be highlighted and you can define the colors of the featured entries. The Pages record image is also supported and will be shown at the top of each column if available. You can add any number of custom fields and style and reorder them!


    What’s needed: 

    • Pages application with access to Pages Databates
    • You should be familiar with setting up Pages databases and blocks. 


    • The template come with several options you can easily adjust through the included settings plugin. You can create as many SuperList widgets as you like, but the settings will always apply to all SuperList widgets. 
      • Show block title
      • Feature background color
      • Feature shadow color
      • Feature border color
      • More padding—Adds additional padding to your custom fields. Works best if you only use very few fields.
      • Link records—Turns the title/images into links to the actual database records. Expert option. Only recommended for users who have fully customized their templates and don’t rely on the field display options used by SuperList.
      • Record image scaling—contain image or fill entire space and crop
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    Installation & Usage Instructions

    Create a database and a Page

    • In your ACP go to Pages > Databases
    • Click Create New to add your database. On the last tab of the Adding Database pop-up, make sure to activate I want to create a new page for this database and choose Page Builder page. When asked, set the permissions of your database so that everyone can see the database and the records, but only you as admin can change it.
    • After the database was created, go to Pages > Pages and adjust the permission of the page you just created. Set it so only you can see it. Open the page and add a few test records. Thisis required to procede to the next step.

    Creating a Superlist Block

    • In your ACP go to Pages > blocks
    • Create a new block with the type Pages > Record Feed
    • Adjust the (maximum) number of items and the ordering for your block
    • In the block settings open the last tab labelled Content
    • Pick superlist in the Template select box.
    • After the block was created, visit your site, open the block manager and drag a Custom Blocks widget from the Pages section onto your page in the main content section (not the sidebar). Pick the block you just created from the widget settings. Your SuperList block should be functional now.

    Adding Fields and Content to Your Database

    • In your ACP go to Pages > Databases > [Your Database] > Fields
    • Click Create New and add any fields you want (text, checkbox, YouTube, URL, upload, …).
    • On the last tab of the field settings, choose Above the field content for fields that should always show or Below the field content for optional information, that will be hidden on mobile devices and in the carousel view.
    • Now that all fields were set up, create your actual records in the ACP or on your page.

    Customizing the Field Output

    • You may not always be happy with the default Pages output for your field. For example: you might want to show an URL field as proper button instead of a text or label. To customize the field output, open the field’s settings and go to Display Options. The SuperList output is defined under Display View Format. You can choose between 8 predefined label types, no formatting or Custom. If you choose Custom you need to add the proper template code yourself. Useful code snippets for this will be provided in the SuperList support topic and you can also ask there if you need help with setting up your custom field output code.
    • Note: Title, description are record image are special fields and the styling is defined by SuperList. But you can adjust the output and ordering for all your custom fields.

    Changing Appearance Settings

    • To edit the settings of the SuperList templates, open: ACP > System > Plugins > SuperList > Edit

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